2022 Operation Nighthawk

The DUI Task Force participated in the 20th Annual DUI enforcement detail, Operation Nighthawk, this past weekend (August 12th - 13th, 2022). The goal of the detail was to get impaired drivers off of local roadways. Participating officers underwent classroom instruction and received current legislative updates prior to conducting roving DUI patrols in the county. Approximately 80 state troopers and municipal police officers participated in the Troop E (Erie, Crawford, and Venango Counties) detail.

The statistics for the event are as follows:

Motorist Contacted: 794

DUI arrests: 71

Seatbelt citations: 13

Speeding citations: 8

Driving under suspension citations: 41

Driving under DUI related suspension: 16

Other traffic citations: 422

Other criminal citations: 12

Other misdemeanor arrests: 11

Other felony arrests: 3

Warrant-Felony Served: 1

Warrant-Misdemeanor Served: 11

Warrant-Summary Served: 4

Warnings issued: 506